Hillary’s Dallas Rush Party: Alex Ramsey Meets Gloria Steinham

I was going to write Part II about some of my thoughts on the problems procrastination causes. It’ll have to wait. I just received an email invitation from an executive, colleague, and former client from Texas Instruments tomorrow for lunch. The location: former Austrian ambassador’s house, Kathy Hall. Why? To meet Gloria Steinem for lunch. Can’t wait. Apparently the Alpha Dog Gals around Dallas are being recruited to marshall extra special support for Hillary. Primary is day after tomorrow. Big day.

Believe me, as a women, I want to vote for Hillary.   I know, some of you men out there and many women, are aghast. Tough. My problem isn’t what everyone has said about her around here…. This is Texas, don’t you know? My problem isn’t how much everyone I know in Arkansas hates her. My problem isn’t how she voted for the Iraq invasion. Not the healthcare issues. We’ve got to do something different there than holding Americans hostage at companies where they don’t want to work. The system is troubling. My problem is her economic plans absolutely terrify me. They defy all economic laws. That’s not the upset. It’s her assertions regarding free trade and the subprime crises. Holy Heavens Above. If she means what she says, I couldn’t vote for her under any set of circumstances. The problem is: Who can I vote for?

So, I can’t wait for tomorrow. I can’t wait to voice my opinion to anyone who’ll listen, even if it’s the butler. And I can’t wait to meet Her Highness Steinem.