Why Leadership Mojo?

“Lonely at the top” is a myth of leadership. Far from lonely, most top dogs are inundated with too many who suck their mojo dry. A bigger challenge is knowing whom to trust. Smart leaders have super support systems both in and outside an organization.

When I advised medical company president Dr. Hamil, baffling distribution glitches were cutting into margins. As we improved systems, oddly, a trusted employee resigned suddenly. Like magic, the problems disappeared and profits returned to normal. The “trusted” one had embezzled assets….

King Arthur had Merlin to maintain perspective and avoid group think. Who is your“Merlin,” the wise adviser with your best interests at heart? Who prods you into new ways of seeing things and refuses to kowtow to your whims?

Whether you are one of my clients, or a fellow traveler on the journey to achieve your deepest wishes, you are welcome here. Leadership Mojo is a safe haven to think, reflect, and share ideas about leadership. More suggestions are on my company website at LodeStar Universal. I invite you to join the dialog.  You won’t be lonely now.