The Political Rally

I don’t often get actively  involved in politics, but who could pass up the delicious opportunity to meet the legendary Gloria Steinham? Not me, nor about 250 other men and women who crammed into the pool house of an upscale highrise in Dallas proper to hear her stump for Hillary before the Texas primary. It was a blast. She was a delight. I have a foto which I’ll get up on here soon. She looks terrific, speaks with authenticity, and charmed the crowd.  Everybody had a great time. As for her depth of knowledge about politics, well, that’s not really the issue, is it? After all, it was a rally. Not a debate. And that was a very good thing, a pleasure, an enjoyment in the middle of a dreary winter day.

But not several months have passed. I got the flu as a result of the freezing raining day, perhaps, and took a vacation from writing. And the political landscape for Hillary is looking slim. Personally, I just think that the woman’s vote is not strong enough to carry her. I think the young women don’t see a particular reason to vote for a female, even if older women do, and I think Obama looks more fresh in contrast to fear of a dynasty. Oh, there’s a lot that’s going to happen between now and then. Of course, one economist I know says, who ever gets in office this next time, whichever party it is will be out of office for the next 20 years. Why? Because they’ll be blamed for the inevitable downturn that is around the corner due to the demographic shifts in consumer spending patterns as a result of baby boomers retiring. A mouthful. And so is this election.