Add a Dash of Einstein

The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility.

Albert Einstein.

I have Einstein on my brain, not just because I like the quote above. Even though he couldn’t come up with a unified field theory, Einstein wasn’t just sharp about physics. He had a lot of other things to say as well.
The world is comprehensible, we just don’t always have the perspective to see it. Hanging out with friends, old and new, is one way to gain perspective. I just got back from a neighborhood “happy hour,” hosted by friend Karen Reisman. Einstein happens to be Karen’s cousin. She owns letters that he wrote to her grandmother and mother and often quotes them in speeches she gives about his life.
In the spirit of problem solving, Karen and her husband Jim decided with so much financial turmoil, doom and market gloom, they’d open their home to friends on a Thursday evening. Karen made meatballs. A little wine, a few martinis, and lots of chatter. Before long, at the end of a tedious week, everyone had smiles on their faces. We relaxed and joked with one another, probably told a few tall tales. At the end of the day, literally, we all felt better.
I think it’s time for more neighbors to get together. To chat. To talk. To get to know one another. I never met a crises that wasn’t also a great opportunity.
We’ve all had our noses seriously down to business. I know I have at LodeStar Universal. But that doesn’t mean, no matter what your economic situation, how heavy your load, or how deep your concerns that we all won’t feel a little bit better by coming together. Try it. See what happens.