Sex Isn’t Selling? Martin Lindstrom’s Buyology

In spite of conventional wisdom, the research reveals other factors are far more important if you’re spending millions of dollars to push product. That’s what best seller Martin Lindstrom tells us in his new book Buyology. It’s called neuromarketing and it’s hot. Martin has been studying the neurology and neuroimaging of thousands of people in one of the biggest studies ever conceived to pinpoint exactly where what really goes on in your head when you are out shopping, and frankly, making any decision. His cool website is filled with insights and creativity.
Check it out.
And while you are checking it out, keep in mind what we at LodeStar Universal constantly remind our clients is what Martin says the research bears out: How well your story is crafted increases the true value of your brand. And it doesn’t matter if your brand is $60 a bottle water or your personal brand as an executive who is either valued or discounted in the marketplace. We all have a brand, whether or not we acknowledge it consciously or not. The question we all face is how can we do a more effective job with branding. After all, it’s really just another form of communication. The people and products who do the better jobs of communicating tend to be the ones who come out on top no matter what or where they are.