Harvard’s Elegant Leadership Solution: The Third Stage

Kudos to Harvard for asking a provacative question and delivering  an even more compelling answer. The question I reference was posed six years ago by three B-school professors among them Rosabeth Moss Kanter, ” How might the mission of a university change in the 21st century?”

The answer is even better than the question, “Throw open the doors to older adults and give them the tools to help change the world.”

According to a May 9, 2011 Wall St. Journal article,  Harvard opened its doors to veteran leaders, such as former Trader Joe’s president Doug Rauch,  to solve salient social issues. In exchange, late career executives can spend a year on campus auditing any class they choose, meeting regularly with faculty and students.

Here’s to encouraging more universities to take to Harvard’s lead. Education doesn’t stop with a degree.