Happiness? Whose Job Is It?

    I haven’t been posting much lately not because there was nothing to say. To the contrary, I’ve been up to my ears in thoughts and activities. For example, I was in Morocco during the Egyptian crises. It was an extraordinary trip. If I can get a foto or two downloaded here, I shall do so…..I leave for Spain soon….Lots of travel going on. As well as some excellent reading, perhaps a topic for another post.

Meanwhile, I’ve missed collecting and sharing my thoughts, so before I check out on this gorgeous day for some snooze time and a little meditaiton, I ‘m inspired to weigh in on an issue I sometimes see messed up in people’s minds. It’s the issue of happiniess and whose responsibility it is.

     It’s easy to clarify. Happiness is a choice we make. Here’s what I mean. We all know people who seem to have it all yet constantly complain. We all know people who have little and are content. Sometimes an executive or manager gets confused, thinking that it is his job to make this or that employee happy. It isn’t.

Stating this doesn’t mean that any one of us can’t experience periods of difficult times. It doesn’t mean that we don’t need to change things about our lives or improve circumstances. We may very well need to befirend people who are positive versus hanging around those who are toxic. Choosing happiness often means choosing change. Most importantly, it means is every adult has a responsibility to determine what he can control in his life and to gravitate toward the things that bring satisfation, peace, and balance.

A leader does have a responsibility to do the best he can to create structures or systems in an organization where people can thrive.  In other words, to lead wisely.  It is human to want to influence other’s happiness. And of course, we do. If we are jerks, it impacts others negatively. If we act justly, it impacts others positively. Still, none of this abdicates personal responsibility for our own emotions. That’s really the purpose of this post….. I’ve seen a lot of drama lately which, most likely is what is compelling me to make these comments….  I state again: Happiness is a daily  choice. Barring extreme circumstances,  we choose to be happy. If you share little else  with your team right now, this is one you can bank on.

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