Taking a Break in Zihautanejo


It may be freezing where you are. Obviously, it is not freezing here. I took this foto from my hotel balcony a few hours ago.

Rather than trudge through January, I decided at the last minute to hop on a plane and take off for somewhere I’ve never been, where I hoped it would be relaxing and warmer. I made a good choice: I sit looking at a gorgeous ocean, about 76-80 degrees inIxtapa/Zihuatanejo. I’m at Capella. This stunningly gorgeous resort sits on the cliffs overlooking the water, almost reminiscent of Le Sirunese, one of the world’s greatest spots in Positano, Italy. Yet, it took less than three hours to fly here

and even though it’s for a short or long weekend, depending on how you look at it, it was the right choice for me. The view is spectafular, the air balmy, and the infinity splash pool on my balcony sublime.

January is an exciting and edgy month. Exciting for new beginnings and all that. Edgy because we enter it in an ungrounded, unsettled state of mind. The intensity of December’s whoop-de-do, an almost total obliteration of typical thought and actions, plus dealing with every emotional trigger imaginable, and with dreams lost and to be captured, is an exhausting roller coaster. In other words, the holidays. Then suddenly, we’re supposed to ratchet  our brains and bodies back to business. Just like that. Is it any wonder so many people were sick right after the holidays? On top of it, this year, the entire US is freezing. All of which is to say, even though it’s also a time for new goals and beginnings, this January is extra difficult. The reality defies the expectation that we are supposed to be rested and at our best to hit the new year at top speed.

Even though you may not be able to jump on a plane for a few hours for a break, there’s bound to be something you can do to clear your head-in spite of the cold and the pressures of January. Something different for you. Something you’ve never done before. Check in a local hotel you’ve always heard about but never experienced. A hot rocks massage. Turn off the computer and TV for two weekend days, read, rest. Turn off the outside world, so you can turn on your inside world and recharge your batteries. What are you waiting for?