The Reinvention Ragtime – September 2009

Cary Grant did it. ATT, TI, and ExxonMobil did it. Even I’ve done it-several times. Reinvention is a hallmark of successful companies and people. Just like the great American musical genre ragtime, the originality and excitement that emerges from reinvention is built on a legacy of past experiences-both the positive and negatives. I developed a free assessment tool you can use to examine if you are due for “makeover.” Click here┬áto take our Reinvention Assessment.

A good rule of thumb: If you feel you’re pretty much “the same” as you were 10 years ago, you are long overdue for reinvention. And here’s the corollary: If you don’t change things consciously, the world will do it for you in ways that you are not likely to enjoy.

Making changes to improve performance and fulfillment is accomplished much more easily with help. I use a variety of tools and techniques with my clients to tap into authentic reinvention. You might be interested to learn that one of those tools is breathing techniques.There is a direct correlation between the quality and nature of your breath and the anxiety and “noise” in your mind. Breath awareness creates the meditative brain waves so highly desired, yet so often misunderstood by many people who say they absolutely “can’t” meditate. If you can breathe, you can meditate. It’s that simple.

To help you, I have a new audio CD called Manifestation Monday: Meditations for Balance, Healing, and Prosperityavailable through my website. Check it out. The many benefits of meditation are well researched. For reinvention purposes, it helps silence internal chatter and clear heads.

Like ragtime in its day, reinvention means stepping outside your comfort zone, although not necessarily away from your authentic value system. How else can you create an original path – or keep in step with the world and your own desires? Your life and your organization both have an evolving rhythm and melody. When you are serious about making strategic changes, I’m available to talk 214.696.3510.