And What’s Your Job? “Chocolatier,” She Said.

6a00e54f8dde3088340120a523538d970bSexy, hip, Katrina and Noel Merrem are a husband and wife duo living their entrepreneurial dream. The founders of the decadently deep, hand crafted NOKA Chocolate rightfully so are designated “Chocolatiers, ” even though the two of them once labored in traditionally ho-hum jobs. Now they attend glittering parties, have stores in Neiman Marcus and Tokyo, and spend their days testing only the best estate chocolates.  After I wrote the recent blog post on the fun evening tasting wines and chocolates at their Dallas factory, the Merrems sent me this foto of Maximillian Reidel, the Austrian owner and pitchman for Reidel crystal.  For an even better take on Max, the Aug. 18 blog post has a link to him on the Martha Stewart show.