Susan Boyle Gobsmacks the World

Worry lines telegraphed the internal concerns about the economy at a round table meeting of women company presidents today.  Heated discussion ricocheted from one side of the table to another around intense topics such as Goldman Sachs, TARP money, and the bailout. Then one executive mentioned Susan Boyle, the unlikely sensation from last weekend’s Britian’s Got Talent, the British version of American Idol. Ms. Boyle rocked the world. Thirteen million people have viewed the on-line video of her performance.
If you have been under a rock the last few days and have not seen this remarkable you tube, go now and watch.  No matter how you feel this moment, you will feel even better, more hopeful, more excited about the possibilities of the human spirit. The cynical audience initially sneered at her,  jadedly judgmental of an older person devoid of glamor who dared to dream of singing! And as she gobsmacked the judges, the audience lept to its feet when her powerful voice soared.
My opinion? She’s one of the most beautiful women I’ve seen in a long, long while, kind, refreshing, and authentic.
Susan Boyle is a wake up call.  Isn’t it time we all stop complaining, stop blaming, and tap into our own inimitable spirits?