McCain, Sarah Palin, + Iowa Electronic Markets

High in the mountains of Vail, Colorado, where I recently was celebrating Labor Day, it seemed that even the bears were buzzing about McCain’s ace move in selecting outlander Sarah Palin to be his running mate. Talk about a shock. Frankly, I was wondering if he had a chance in hell of being a contender until he made this bold move. Republicans gushed with glee and were effervescent after her acceptance speech this week. Democrats pouted when they were not ranting and raving, mostly at having been one-upped. In either case, there was no shortage of opinions, either around the country, or wafting into the mountain air.

Is Palin God’s gift to mankind as many Republican’s seem to view her, or just another front man (sorry, front woman) who couldn’t possibly think her way out of a serious crises with out creating a worse one-an all too common problem in the last few years? Is she the best or worst thing that ever happened to feminism. Time will tell. Frankly, who knows right now.Vail

What we do know is that McCain stole Obama’s thunder.  The dusty Old White Guy stepped up to the plate with a whammy no one expected. You gotta hand it to him for guts and bold moves – no matter where you stand on the politics.

As for the election direction, I have my eye on the Iowa Electronic Market.  May be too early to tell what impact she’ll have, because as of tonight, Democrats were trading at 52 and Republicans at 47.

If you wanna put your money on the outcome, your trade is as good as mine.