Designing A Life Means Leading: To Santa Fe

“Leadership” isn’t just about leading a company or people. First and foremost, it’s about leading your life. Being in front. Deciding what it is you do want. Haven’t you noticed? Leaders rarely dwell on what they don’t want.

Yesterday was my birthday-a perfect time to practice life leadership skills. While others may view New Year’s or religious holidays as times of renewal and reflection, the weeks surrounding birthdays are genuinely important in the rhythm of one’s life. After all, the day you entered this earth was a day it changed forever.

I designed my birthday to be exactly what I find most soul satisfying. A time for relaxation, reflection, and celebration. No place better fits that bill that a long weekend in Santa Fe, where the air is fresh and fragrant. It was a typical 105 hot degrees in Dallas. In Santa Fe, it was a

pleasant 82 at the hottest part of the day. The light there is distinctively luminous, flowers hues more vibrant. It is literally a place to smell the roses and view the rainbow of blooms.

I ate at my favorite restaurants such as Geronimo’s (elk) and The Shed (green bean salad). We had breakfast at the Tesuque Village Market (cinnamon pecan roll) and lunch atPasquals (chicken sandwich with mancheco cheese on corn bread). I sat in a coffee shop and worked on my book, watching the parade of characters strut by. If Fellini had spent a few days in Santa Fe, I’m sure he’d had created a movie with it as a backdrop.

I listened to jazz, flamenco, and show tunes, including a few hours with Doug Montgomery at Vanessie’s. We spent a morning at  the spa A Thousand Waves, having tired muscles kneaded and rolled out. I enjoyed well wishes from many of my friends.  And when I arrived late last night, a big bouquet of flowers greeted me, along with a birthday cupcake and a stack of cards-all from friends whom I appreciate beyond words…. What could be better, than designing your birth day?

As a matter of fact, what could be better than designing every day?