Is Winning at All Costs Losing?

When the leadership in an organization is determined to win at all costs, no one wins. Not really. Perhaps, it is more accurate to say, no one wins in the long run. In the short run, you can. Win this way, that is.

No where was this point driven home more to me than when I was a columnist years ago at The Dallas Morning News. We were in the middle of a newspaper war with the Dallas Times Hearld, owned by Times Mirror at the time. We won. We put them out of business.

Today, I’m not sure there is a newspaper in Dallas. Oh, yes, there is one. It’s called The Dallas Morning News. Is it a newspaper? Um, yes, it qualifies. I’m a little rusty though, because I don’t take it and rarely read it. Who has time?

The point is that when the competition left, the paper lost its edge and eventually its appeal. Like a lodestar, it’s a guidance you can count on: Winning at all costs creates imbalance in your own organization.

There are many other ways to achieve success.

I’m curious to know if you understand what I’m talking about? What have you seen, what’s your experience been?