Leadership: Who Can You Trust?

As much as it may feel “lonely” at the top, it just isn’t true. It’s another myth of leadership. Everybody wants to hang out with you. Most people assume you can advance their careers. Deep inside, they think your good mojo will rub off on them. After all, you’re at the top. And from the outside, being at the top looks a lot like Camelot.

But even King Arthur had to face what all effective leaders must resolve. It’s not the issue of being alone that confounds us. Leaders are surrounded by people. Rather, it’s the issue of the company you keep. Where do you find wise council? Who can you trust?

I advised Dr. K, president of a medical company. We were troubled by constant glitches in the company’s distribution. As management systems improved, one of Dr. K’s long-time confidants resigned. Simultaneously, all the problems disappeared! It wasn’t magic, but definitely there was a sleight of hand. In hindsight, Dr. K learned the employee/confident was embezzling.

The issue all of us face is finding ways to maintain perspective. How do you keep perspective? How do you avoid group think? What kind of people do you surround yourselves with?

That’s what I want to know. Tell me.